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Ashley Ram Gosnell, MEd

Humanities, Math, Spanish & Alternative Education

Cristin Hendrickson

Math & Science

Varsha Kumar

Math & Science

Duy Nguyen

Math & Science

Anum Efffendi

Math & Science
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Mark De Leon

Math & Science

Kruthi Krishnachaitanya

Math, Science, and ACT/SAT
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Jordan Villegas

Math & Science


Callie S.

Southlake, TX

“A year ago, Ashley began helping me with all of my subjects in school. She taught me how to succeed in all of my classes, from taking useful notes to preparing for a test. Ashley always finds time to fit me into her schedule and never rushes our sessions. Her help has completely turned my grades around and her insight really helps me stay on top of all of my classes. She clearly knows a lot about what she is doing and works also to help make her students better people in general, not just better students. She gives me advice on issues in and out of school. I will definitely continue to work with Ashley for the rest of high school and I hope we will continue to be friends even after then. I would recommend her to everyone!”

Rick R.

Plano, TX

“Ashley was great. Despite scheduling issues, she was able to get our 7th grade son in quickly and conducted a Skype session. This worked well where she made him learn vs. just giving him the answers. Before my son was nearly failing and wanting to drop out of Spanish. He was very scared of an written & verbal test and after this session grew confident and scored an 88 on this exam and is now very confident where he is not afraid of the subject any longer. We highly recommend Ashley.”

Brandon E.

Dallas, TX

“We reached out to Ashley for help with our 7th-grade daughter taking the SAT. Ashley was prompt, responsive, and professional. We only had about 2 months to get ready and Ashley came up with a comprehensive plan for the different sections of the SAT. After that successful experience, we enlisted her to help our 5th-grade son with an essay application test. She jumped right on it with short notice. Ashley was easy to get along with, a good communicator, and very helpful to both our kids. We would highly recommend her.”