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“Ashley has been great! I am taking my second semester of Spanish and I was failing the tests. After just a couple sessions with Ashley I started getting B’s on the tests. She is very nice and doesn’t make you feel stupid if you don’t know or understand something. She always explains things very well and doesn’t make it so that I feel overwhelmed. She has always squeezed me into her schedule whenever I feel that I need extra help. She also brings other resources so that I can find out which books or websites work the best for me. I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs help with Spanish at any level!”-Jenny F., Frisco, TX

“Louis tutored me in statistics for one of my UTA classes. He genuinely cared about helping me understand and fully learn the subject matter I was struggling with. He was very patient and organized. I would highly recommend him as I will continue to utilize his math skills also.”-Adam, Arlington, TX

“I had Marissa (Ms. Tyro) for Chemistry when I was in high school. I’m in college now and have had two Chemistry classes in college since then and Ms. Tyro definitely taught me in a way that prepared me as much as I possibly could have been for college-level Chemistry. She even went above and beyond the commitment of being our teacher and sponsored our high school’s Chemistry club, “Club Chem”. She is a genuinely smart woman and she truly is passionate about what she teaches. Of all of the Chemistry classes I’ve taken to date, she is definitely the best teacher I’ve had for Chemistry.” – A.B.

“Ashley is detailed and garners the attention of the student easily. She is a fantastic communicator with the parents to address needs and improvements both. In addition, she knows the material in depth. Ashley is a talented teacher and it is apparent from her work that this is her lifelong passion. We are fortunate to have found her.” – Suzanne W., Dallas, TX

“Marissa Tyro is wonderful to work with. She takes the time to figure out the way my child learns best, and teaches to his strengths. She is excellent at presenting the material in a way that is interesting and easy to comprehend. I will continue to use her in the future.” – Wendy, Southlake, TX

“A year ago, Ashley began helping me with all of my subjects in school. She taught me how to succeed in all of my classes, from taking useful notes to preparing for a test. Ashley always finds time to fit me into her schedule and never rushes our sessions. Her help has completely turned my grades around and her insight really helps me stay on top of all of my classes. She clearly knows a lot about what she is doing, and works also to help make her students better people in general, not just better students. She gives me advice on issues in and out of school. I will definitely continue to work with Ashley for the rest of high school and I hope we will continue to be friends even after then. I would recommend her to everyone!”-Callie S., Southlake, TX

“Ashley was great. Despite scheduling issues, she was able to get our 7th grade son in quickly and conducted a Skype session. This worked well where she made him learn vs. just giving him the answers. Before my son was nearly failing and wanting to drop out of Spanish. He was very scared of an written & verbal test and after this session grew confident and scored an 88 on this exam and is now very confident where he is not afraid of the subject any longer. We highly recommend Ashley.” – Rick R., Plano, TX

“We reached out to Ashley for help with our 7th grade daughter taking the SAT. Ashley was prompt, responsive, and professional. We only had about 2 months to get ready and Ashley came up with a comprehensive plan for the different sections of the SAT. After that successful experience, we enlisted her to help our 5th grade son with an essay application test. She jumped right on it with short noticed. Ashley was easy to get along with, a good communicator, and very helpful to both our kids. We would highly recommend her.” -Brandon E., Dallas, TX

“Ashley is very organized and extremely professional. I am a college student taking a Spanish one course. She was able to pinpoint my weak areas with Spanish conjugation. After our first meeting I have such a better understanding of what I am doing. I feel very confident that I will pass my Spanish one class. Ashley was very patient with me, for one, I am not familiar with the Spanish language, Ashley was very caring and sincere, which made me very comfortable with her. I am looking forward to our other tutoring sessions. I feel that with her tutoring me, I’m going to be able to achieve my goal; which is to become bilingual. I would highly recommend her to other students.” -T.H., Frisco, TX

“We want to say how pleased we have been with Ashley as a Spanish tutor for our son who is a junior in high school. Our son has dyslexia and is taking Spanish 3. He has struggled for the last 2 years and was failing when Ashley began tutoring him. Ashley immediately asked if she could contact his teacher and work with him to identify our son’s weaknesses and really target her tutoring. She has worked with our son and raised his grade from failing to a C average. For a child with dyslexia studying a foreign language is incredibly hard and by Ashley’s hard work he is passing and will possibly get to a B average before the end of the year. Ashley was able to accomplish this in just about 4 months of working with our son. We wholeheartedly endorse Ashley for anyone considering a tutor for their child.” – Randy J., Flower Mound, TX

“Ashley is my favorite tutor! We have been working together for almost 2 years and my grades have improved tremendously since then.” -Grace W., Dallas, TX

“Ashley only helped me with one paper last semester; however, I did receive a perfect score on that particular paper. She let me work at my own pace. Basically just helped me bring my ideas into an informative paper.”-Heather W., Hurst, TX

“I thought she had a very good grasp on the material we went over. Not only was she prepared when she showed up, but after our session she even went home to email extra work for me too do. I think she was very patient and always seem to want to go the extra mile so that I had the best chance of success possible.” – Nick B., Carrollton, TX

“My daughter has only been working with Ashley a short time, but she has already made quite an impression! She goes above and beyond her scheduled hours or availability to make sure she leaves no stone unturned to assist in her clients’ progress.” – Jennifer C., Coppell, TX

“Ashley is extremely professional, reliable, intelligent, a good communicator, and works well with students. I wished we had more time to accomplish all our goals but my daughter had to leave for college. I would recommend Ashley to other students.” – Barry R., Frisco, TX

“Ashley recently started tutoring my 13 year old daughter in English and History. Her approach has been very motivating to my daughter who now looks forward to these sessions. Ashley’s patience, thoroughness and engagement make a real difference. Her experience in working with teens shows through and through. We are delighted to have Ashley tutor our daughter and plan to continue through the summer as well.” – Daniel, Dallas, TX

“Ashley is working with my 17 year old son on improving his Spanish. Ashley has a methodical approach that works well for my son. I would highly recommend her!”- Ted D., Frisco, TX

“Ashley was able to help me with college algebra one semester, as well as, anthropology and constructing research papers for two other semesters here at Southern Methodist University. She is extremely patient; although, I’m not and would assure me of success. It made writing a paper so much easier with someone knowledgeable, patient, and willing to help by “talking my paper” into text. She thoroughly helped with research, organization and editing.” – Natalie C., Dallas, TX

“She is a great tutor for my special needs child. She is organized and very patient. My son feels comfortable working with her. She also provides helpful tips to cater to his educational needs. I will continue to use her as my child’s tutor and would recommend her to all my friends. “ – Jackie S., Dallas, TX